The Scenic Route: Day 15

Red Monday

IMG 0491

Did you ever think of the days of the week as colors?

Ever since I can remember, I visualize my week as a game board and each space is a different color. 

Monday is red

Tuesday is blue

Wednesday is purple

Thursday is green

Friday is mostly light blue, but sometimes paisley and sometimes plaid

Saturday is yellow

And Sunday is black

I’ve got a case of those Holly Golightly “mean reds”. I can’t seem to get any thought to make a proper landing.

15 minutes in.

There is nothing important to say, but the exercise is to force me to write whatever I can in an hour. Not every hour can be clever.

But I kind of wish it was. I have high expectations. I think every day should be filled with humorous, witty banter. I wouldn’t even mind a laugh track. Maybe some transition music as I enter a room or move from scene to scene, is that too much to ask?

The best way I’ve found to fight the Red Monday Menace is to clean. It’s the last thing in the world I want to do, which is why I need to dive in and do a wash, and pick up some clothes, and throw crap away. A lot of crap away. 

I need to clean up the garden and get it ready for Spring, whenever Spring eventually gets here. 

24 minute left.

Maybe I’ve said all I can say. Maybe my inner cynic has wrestled control away from my inner muse. It’s possible.

But it’s a little more possible, that things just don’t work some days. Maybe it’s the weather, maybe it’s something I ate, maybe it was just a bad roll of the dice, but either way, I need to complete the exercise. I need to complete the day, even though I’m ready to give up and go back to bed.

My dreams have been so compelling lately that I actually prefer to be asleep. I can barely remember the exact details and the more I try and remember, the more they smear and blend in my mind, but they have to be better than this melancholy mess.

A day can change things, though, just like the spaces on a game board. Any roll of the dice could reveal a surprising twist on the next space. Sometimes you lose a turn or have to go back a few spaces, or even back to the very beginning. The trick is to keep playing. To live. The temptation to give up when you might be losing is strong, but some of the most memorable games I’ve ever played had a few unexpected surprises before the end.

Hey, tomorrow is Blue Tuesday.

One minute left.

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