New York Comic Con 2014 Monday Reflections Part 1

It’s 1:00 pm and The Pennsylvanian, heading home to Pittsburgh, is chugging along, with colorful autumnal blurs filling the windows on either side. The sky is grey and overcast, but the technicolor trees seem more vibrant as a result. 

“Paoli! Next stop Paoli,”announces the conductor.

I was hoping to have the seat next to me empty but no such luck. I guess because it’s Columbus Day. I hate how the obnoxious businessman kept his luggage on the sear next to him like a prick and no one took that seat. It’s sold out, so maybe karma will give him a gaseous companion or sleeping drooler.

Yesterday was the last day of Comic Con and I was able to see and interview my dear friend Jeff Krell, creator of Jayson. I first met Jeff at the 2009 NYCC, when I was writting for CUE Pittsburgh. It was my first Comic Con and I found out later it was his, too. Some artists and creators I tried to interview were understandably overwhelmed with all the fans and seemed pretty put-off, but Jeff spent a long time with me and really encouraged me to persue my writing. That’s because Jeff Krell does not give up. Ever.

More on that later…..

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