NYCC 2014 Day 3

It’s saturday, around 5:00 and I’m still trying to finish writing about all the stuff I did yesterday.

Friday was my first time doing cosplay for Comic Con, and it was great!!

I got decked out in my faux leather duster, my hat, my “X’ belt, and my black boots. I thought about wearing my golden claws on the subway for a very brief second, and then came to my senses and kept them in my bag with my deflated inflatable gun. 

On the subway, some guys asked if I was wolverine and I explained excitedly that I was a version of wolverine from another universe. We started talking about the Wolverine movies and how the first one was good but the second one was crap.

When I got off the C train at Penn Station, I headed west to 11th Avenue. I did feel pretty awsome in that outfit! And people were commenting as I walked past, saying “bad ass” and “cool as hell” and I hadn’t even completed the outfit yet.

Once inside, I packed everything I didn’t need in my pack pack and checked it so I could walk around a little easier. Once I inflated the giant rifle and slipped on my claws, I was ready for fun.

Soon, people began asking to take my picture and I was more than happy to oblige. Some knew who I was, but everyone thought it was cool. I went to Artist Alley to meet Greg Pak, the creator of Captain Howlett. When I got to his booth, he was talking to a fan and I just stood there. Once he noticed me he jumped up and came around the table, saying “you just made my day!”

I told him that this character was made for me and that I hoped since Logan is now dead (for now) that may Captain Howlett will be more prominent in the Marvel Universe. We took some pictures and it was incredible. I was feeling pretty super. 


Meeting writer Greg Pak, who created the character “Captain Howlett” for his short lived series, “X-Treme X-Men”.

More to come...

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