New York Comic Con: Day 1

2:35 pm New York Comic Con is well underway. And I’m already exhausted! 

The doors opened today at noon to throngs of fans, cosplayers and the like. And if you are coming, ignore the instructions to go to 36th and 11th, because it’s actually at 38th and 11th which might save you some extra walking.

It’s little hard to take everything in and it can be very overwhelming at first. There is so much to do! The best advice I can give you is to do a little planning. First, I highly reccomend getting the official NYCC app for your phone. Everything you will need is in this app, from finding your favorite artist in the Artist Alley, to discovering a panel discussion that you just have to attend, to finding where and when your favorite stars from comics, movies and Pop Culture will be signing autographs. You can see all the events, choose what you want to do, and then the app reminds you when and where to go.

First on my agenda was a panel discussion on "Comics as Literature in the English Classroom”. And I wasn’t the only one. They said they were expecting maybe 6 or so in the audience, but over 200 people turned up. It was incredibly informative and inspiring.

Then I went to Artist Alley to see my friend Dan Parent who draws for Archie Comics and created the character Kevin Keller.

I need a nap.

more later...

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